Employee of the Month

Our friend Joel holds the EOTM plaque about ten months out of the year. He doesn't really work for Biltwell. Let me rephrase that, we don't pay him, but he does work his ass off with us, going to events, setting up the dog and pony show, etc. It seems we can always count on him to show up and be totally self-contained and ready to rock. He also knows his way around a machine shop, has a nice collection of old HDs in various states of repair/customization and loves long road trips on any bike from his quiver. He was my wingman on the long way 'round for the EDR this year and I think we're going to ride out to the Smoke Out in NC together here in a couple weeks. Here's a couple pics of his nearly-done pan project. You can see he's running the Solo Seat and Aces bars. Good work Joel, just remind me not to get too close to that damn rear fender!

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