Road trippin

Bill, McGoo, Joel and i just got back from the Smokeout in North Carolina. What a fun trip! The people in NC and everyone that showed up was great. Thanks to the Lick's crew for being a part of the event with us, and Lowbrow Tyler for kicking ass! Events are about the people that take the time and go to them. I love getting to go to and be a part of events and hang out with people from other regions and experience parts of different scenes and riding in different parts of the country. The riding out there was beautiful and unlike anything here in CA. We stopped in OKC for a day and spent time with my family and friends and rode all over. Thanks to Dale, Dan and all the guys at Freedom for the quick flat repair on Bill's sporty. Freedom is definitely my favorite shop ever and is always a welcome site when I get to go back home. Here are a few pics from home in OK and riding around in NC.



Ain't no BBQ like in the midwest!

Classic Style thats Joel

Bill "struttin" down the 40

reheating a burrito in the hot sun for breakfast

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