Spy Photos!

Driving through Corona, CA this morning on the way to the Hootenanny in OC, we saw an interesting Sportster blast through an intersection, and McGoo and I instantly looked at each other and said "Holy shit, is that the new XR1200 that is supposed to only be available in Europe?" Of course we gave chase and the dude wasn't real thrilled when I pointed my camera out the window and snapped a couple pics. His answer when I asked him when we would see it the good 'ol USA? "Soon" he said, obviously bummed that I was documenting the bike. Note the black gaffers tape over the tank logos. We didn't get a view of the other side to see the pipes, but man it was quiet. Sure is one BIG oil cooler! From what I've read in US dollars it would cost about 14k which sounds retarded to me, but what do I know? It does look like it might put the Sport back in Sportster...


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