Heading out tomorrow and if Wes had his way we would have left last week. Go here and buy a t-shirt to support Wes and Chuck in their efforts. Four Aces is in its 3rd year of racing out at Bonneville and I've been there everyday doing anything I can to help these guys out and just be a part of the whole thing. I can't say enough about how good of a thing it is and how much we need to support everyone there. Its awe inspiring from seeing the sun come up over the salt drinking coffee standing in line waiting for your turn to go, to eating with guys trying their best and hearing their stories. The pits, the tech inspection, the sound of a race taking place its heaven I tell ya. Now go, even if its for a day to spectate you will never regret it. Here is the Salt conditions if you are headed out and want to check them ahead of time. For more info on the whole deal go here and support these guys as well, Save the Salt and the SCTA are doing the hard work to keep this going and a small donation or t-shirt purchase does alot of people alot of good. Check back here all week and I'll do my best to post pics and stories of the day.