Our friend Kim has a new blog. I am proud to have participated in influencing him (however weakly) to quit killing himself on his dirt bike and start building and riding bikes for the street.

I clearly remember him sitting on the workbench at the shop listening to my bullshit speech about how cool it would be to ride old motorcycles down in Mexico at my Iraq homecoming party in '05. Thanks Kim for indulging me and going along.

Lately he's put himself on garage-arrest and has a Norton project as well as the panhead I briefly owned last year. The Norton is gorgeous and the pan is a long term project that is going to be a stunner when done. In between those projects he built a bitchin SR500 that just exudes simple fun. He brought it up to the Chop Meet last month and after a small altitude adjustment, tore around on it for the first time, complete with wheelies and stoppies. A couple years ago when he nervously took his MC license test, the DMV dude noted "Serious motorcycle skills" on his test sheet. No kidding.

Kim always had the best dirt bikes, and pretty soon he's gonna have a very noteworthy stable of home-built street legal motorcycles to rival the best. Sorry Kim, I know the dirtbikes were cheaper and less work...


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