H7o Global = High Speed Low Drag

I was laying on a gurney in Saddam's old hospital in Baghdad a couple years ago and thought I had a hallucination. I was used to seeing and working with private security contractors before, Blackwater and the sort but never before had I seen this duo. I rolled out of bed and drug my IV bottle over to the door and watched these guys walk down the long hallway. One big dude, typical deal–covered in the latest tactical gear, at the low-ready and alert, even in a hospital. Cool thing was, his wingman was a midget. Little guy, you know? Rad! The mighty one had fully customized gear and looked great with his equally compact MP5. All the various ways one of smaller stature could be used in tactical situations suddenly made sense, I bet that little dude came in handy all the time.

What does this have to do with motorcycles? Not much, except as a segue for this next bike. Modern military guys and especially contractors and OGA's are pretty much all gearwhores, meaning they love trinkets and the tricker the better. I get the feeling Patrick from H7o Global is one of those types. So it was with pleasure that I found out our Clubman bars are now on the H7o BMX R80/7. Cool bike, and you can read all about it here. Pint-sized killer not included.

Thanks, Pat.