Hippy Killer Garage

After a 2-month hiatus, I'm working on the StreetTracker project again. Duane Ballard and I drove out to Kutty's shop this afternoon to drop off the chassis and swingarm for a little light hack job in Hemet, CA. When I pick her up next Tuesday, Kutty will have the CB750 swingarm shoehorned into the CL450 frame, and all the extraneous bits on the Sportster fork legs will be shaved off and trimmed down so the floating brake caliper doesn't rub. Thanks for helping me out on such short notice, Kutty, and on Labor Day, no less! That's what I call work ethic!

Part museum, part motorcycle shop, Kutty's HKC is packed with goodness. Like a couple other talented young builders we know and respect, Kutty is a master at landing sweet deals on impossible-to-find stuff.

We're flattered every time we see a pair of our bars on a bitchin' custom-built bike like this. Kutty told me he's crafted several pipes for personal and custom bikes with our pipe kit, and he loves it. Thanks for the props, Mr. Notebloom.

Duane Ballard rode shotgun with me to Kutty's place today, and this is an example of his handiwork. I'm pretty sure every bike in Kutty's well-stocked garage features a DB Leather custom creation. Of course, I hit Duane up to work his magic on the leather seat that I'll eventually put on the StreetTracker when it becomes a roller.

I'm sworn to secrecy on the new bikes Duane and Kutty are working on, but I did see the front wheel Kutty dug out of a time machine for DB's top-secret project. Four words: minibike dual disk brake.