Low budget camera mount

Me, Chris, Josh and Joel are headed east in a little over a week and we're going to take as much of Route 66 as possible on our way to Ground Zero so I thought it might be interesting to shoot a little footy. I've been interested in shooting some riding video since I saw the great results Keith got by zip-tying his snappy to the bed roll on his Thruxton in Mexico. I've messed with zip-ties and bungies and haven't been happy with the results. Since there is a tripod mount on the bottom of my old Sony (and most cameras) I figured this set up would work; 1/4x20 bolt welded to 1/2x13 bolt, threaded into an old short riser, with a nut on the 1/4x20 bolt to lock the camera in position. A cheesy 'beener around the lanyard just in case and wal-lah! I'll road test it this week and see how it fares. If you've got any decent riding videos, let's see 'em!