Frisco Bars

What is it with all of the Sporties these days? I'll tell you what it is, there were about a bazillion of 'em made and lots of them ended up under wives and beginner riders who put more chrome trinkets on them than hard miles. So what this leaves is a glut of low-mileage, undervalued bikes on craigslist for people like us to poach and then make our own. Thanks, Mom! McGoo picked one up a year or two ago that some tweaker bought his old lady and she never got into riding it. Ten years old and under a thousand miles on the clock, a perfect donor. Sure it's no Knucklehead, but for the price and reliability it's a pretty hard to beat package. Add in a little aftermarket support like some good weld-on hard tails, Flyrite's Smokin' Gun frame or even some of our junk bolted on a stocker and you've got something worth riding.

Here's a couple pics of Frisco bars on Jason's '99 XL. In his own words; "The only mod I hade to make was to to file a little hole on the perch where the perch and the control housing meet. It took all of about 10 seconds to do." he didn't have to replace all the cables, wires, etc and kept his original controls. The Friscos line up nicely with the Narrow Glide legs, or try narrowing a pair like I did on my old Triumph.