Made it home

Totally Rad trip! Joel as always looks at home on the road and someone you can count on for just about anything. Coffee anyone? Eric shows up and makes the trip that much better. Has his head on straight and gets it more than most for sure! I know he'll be doing everything he does for the right reasons, riding, tattooing and livin life! These trips are great for meeting new friends and Coach and Josh are those guys. Stand up guys that hopefully we will do plenty of rides with in the future. Josh's Triumph even won a trophy at the event! Everyone was throwing in a helping hand whenever needed and without any kind of a chase truck for 2000 miles these guys were willing to ride with some older and hand built bikes. We all made it home in one piece and I got a new tire. Don't worry it will be swapped out for a more road worthy model soon. Found it at dirt bike shop about 300 miles out yesterday and it was all they had and my tire was delaminating. Ground Zero was a blast as we knew it would be. Trent and Noel wouldn't throw down anything less and hanging out with them, George and Wendy, Gabe, and riding through some epic scenery and campgrounds was worth its weight in gold. Thanks!