What a Difference a Pro Makes

So, me and Mom have made two vinyl covers for the cut down stock seat pan on my '98 Sportster. They did the job fine but the vinyl just didn't hold up to the abuse. Getting a pro like Duane Ballard to cover a seat was completely off my radar since I'm such a cheap bastard. After tearing up the second seat, I figured it was time to do it right. Duane is probably best known for his intricate tooling on solo seats and bags used on real professional-built customs so I wasn't even sure he'd want to do some lowly sporty seat, but he was into it and I'm stoked! He used the pan I had cut down previously, but massaged my half-assed foam work into a symmetrical shape and covered it in soft calf-skin with white contrast stitching. Look Ma, no more wrinkles! Or cheesy staples. Proof that the DB can do just about anything. You can bet I'll be popping this sucker on the bike first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks, Duane!

*For those of you who have been asking, we are still working on a finished, bolt-on seat like this, but it'll be a while. We're developing a new hidden-hardware way to attach it and molding our own custom pan and foam so it's a long process.