Another Stray Follows Me Home...

What happens when you search CL for sidecar on a whim? You end up driving all day and half the night to pick up an old well-worn Shovel with a factory HD sidecar frame fitted with an old aircraft drop tank for a body at a campground in Lake Havasu. Walter gets the side car, but not until my kids, wife and dogs all get a few rides (not at the same time!) The bike? It's a crusty runner that spent it's life in Sarah Palin's hometown in Alaska shuttling around a dude named 6-gun and his dog. It has a few nifty owner-installed things like a pony saddle fitted to the pogo, speakers that look like spotlights, a Volvo amplifier, an ipod input jack and even a cigar lighter to keep the tunes going on long trips. Sweet! Thanks to McGoo, Joel and Josh for going along for the ride, it helps to have trusty co-conspirators on retarded adventures. Thanks, Walt for kicking me in the pants to go rescue the old roach.