Creature's Rumble in Ramona

Thanks to Creature Skateboards for throwing the backyard skate jam this weekend. Foundry Moto, Kutty (Hippy Killer), Duane Ballard and Lucky 13 all showed up with some great bikes and some swag. The ramp looked great and a list of some of my all time favorites showed up and threw down hard. Hosoi, Kasai, Eddie Reategui, Lance Mountain,Jeff Grosso, Duane Peters, 4Q's own Max to name a few! Peters is Mad! Seeing the sketchiness of Duane to the style of Hosoi and everything inbetween was great. Throw in DUANE PETERS GUNFIGHT and JFA for live music and what more could you ask for. I grew up in Oklahoma so the closest thing we had to seeing some of the legends was the Clown Ramp down in Texas and one of my best friends Mark made it once and saw the Godoy's but I never got to go there. This may not be 1985 and Del Mar is now a driving range so although I may never have the chance to see these guys like I once dreamed of when I was 14, getting to see them here Ruled!!! Thanks Creature
Hosoi Christ Air






Duane Peters Gunfight


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