FXR UPR update

So, the FXR I picked up last month is slowly taking shape. Even festooned with L2R stuff everywhere it has been hard to stay off this thing. I'm slowly replacing bits and pieces here and there to make it more comfortable and less goofy looking. Once it's all complete I'll probably spray bomb the tins or maybe get them powdercoated. I'm still on the hunt for a right side disc set up to make it a dual disc. I'm going to gut the wiring once I get a tank figured out but for now I need it rideable to make it to the DicE gig in Vegas next weekend. Note the stock kill/start switch mounted low on the bars as a temporary solution. Pure ghetto. Whatever, it runs.
So far I'm just collecting and replacing parts here and there. The floorboards are gone and replaced with stock FXR mid mounts with passenger pegs. Blinkers are in the trash can. Headlight switch off the bars and crammed into the eyebrow. Fender is shortened and a new sparto in place. Giant, hilarious seat replaced with a trim Le Pera unit. Wheelbarrow handlebars got swapped for some mini apes we've been working on. Cut, slugged and re-swept, they are super comfy. Chromoly rules! Stiffer front springs compliment the Works shocks out back, that was a quick but good mod. Still gotta get it a little lower and work on narrowing an earlier FXR tank with no gauges, but that'll be post DicE party, for now it's getting an oil change and put to work!


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