Michael Lichter Photo

I've known Michael Lichter for a few years now and admired his work since I probably picked up my first Easyriders magazine. We talked him into coming on the EDR last spring and he took pics non stop. Hardest working man in the business and has fun the whole time. If you don't know who Michael is I promise you have seen his pics. He does anything necessary to get the picture and some of his photos read like a novel in just one shot. Truly a great artist as well as a documenter. He took I think thousands of pics on the EDR and I know they will show up somewhere sometime. Michael spent some time going thru them with a group of us one day at the St. Isabelle and I think everyone was beyond stoked. He has one pic at the head of his web page where you can see alot of his photography and books etc. . . he has done. Thanks for going Michael and can't wait to see them somewhere some day.

Death Trap Crew!!! photo Michael Lichter


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