Ain't No Party Like an S&M Party!

Get your BMX on for Christmas! Our friend Chris Moeller and the crew over at S&M in Santa Ana know how to do two things really well; build the best American-made BMX bikes in the business, and drink. Well, they can ride, skate, ruin motorcycles, all kinds of other good shit, but making BMX bikes and partying is probably what they're most well known for.

Before the party, we're going to meet up with Moeller and some friends at the Official Headquarters of the Orange County Douchebag Biker Association and have a couple beers, discuss tassle placement with the locals and generally warm up for the party to come later in the day. Here's the schedule:

Meet at Cooks Corner on MCs at 12:00 for a few beers.

Leave at about 2:00 for S&M thru the canyon/chapman/55.

Arrive S&M about 3:00

BBQ about 4:00

Video/Party at 6:00

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