Mooneyes Christmas Party

Chris pretty much summed up the David Mann Chopperfest, what a great venue and we really lucked out on the weather. This was Biltwell's third year vending there and it was the best to date. That first year I think we had a seat bracket and some t-shirts. This time we had a whole bunch of junk to show off.

Stumbled on this neat Beezer for sale at Mooneyes.
Stoked to see he was running the
seat bracket in chrome.

Breakfast with Chris from Cycle Source is a good way to start the day.
I wish we had a chance to hang with this dude way more often.
Positive vibes, endless work ethic and a love for all things motorcycles is a good combo!

Found this outstanding duo in the Irwindale parking lot. Class!

McGoo, BF Josh and I hit up the annual Mooneyes Christmas Party before hooking up with Wes & Jedd for a late lunch. Mooneyes was packed. I had hoped with Southern Californian's weak tolerance for rain that the dark clouds would thin the herd a little bit. It didn't seem to. I loves me some hot rods, but about ten minutes of immersion in a crowd this size is about all it takes before I feel like choking someone. Ran in to a bunch of friends, peeped a few cars, caught a couple of cool bikes and saw a gaggle of semi-hot Santas running around. What a scene. The drags of course were neat, I'd have liked to have stayed and watched that for a while but we had shit to do so we bailed.

Finally an honest company name!

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