Winter Workshop

Compared to everywhere else in the country, we obviously have some great weather here in So Cal. Even so, cold nights, the pace at work slowing down, and a great project like this old 45 Solo add up to the prefect combo for some late nights in the garage. I've been stalled on this bike since about last spring and finally drug it home and started chipping away last week. Seems like every night something else comes off the damn thing and I get farther from actually accomplishing something productive.

Today was good. Tins came back from paint, and I finally got the shifter linkage and handle dialed in. An old chrome knob with a 3-speed plus reverse pattern on it gets me stoked since it's an old servi-car 3-speed trans with reverse removed. Sometimes it's the little things. I wasn't going to mess with the wiring but Guy at Greasy Kulture sent me this sweet old brass WLA ignition switch. I hated where the old one was anyway, so out comes the cloth wire and friction tape. Maybe this thing will be done by this time next year...

Yay, something to scratch!

Thanks, Guy, I promise to put it to good use.

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