I know its a blatant rip off to an extent and also hypocritical of last years secret handshake marketing but its better than what it was. They are in a no win situation too an extent. Market tough bolt on slogans to us and everyone says FTF. Market us to us or their version there of and everyone is still going to say FTF. I just painted HD 74" on my bike a month ago cause it kind of represents a time that the bikes had more soul, and the factory just tried to make good bikes and let everyone else create their own style. Atleast thats the impression it left and how I like to think of it. For too long the factory has been selling a "lifestyle" and trying to monopolize that as their market. When I saw the first HD i remember I asked my dad what the neighbor Chris was riding. He told me thats a Harley Davidson. I thought that was the dumbest name I had ever heard of and what a stupid bike. This was mid 70's and all the kids in my neighborhood had Yamaha 125 enduros and all the Japanese company names just sounded cooler too me. Well I am glad the factory is coming out with more affordable bikes and even the old msrp trade in value next year for that current years model. Its marketing and they are trying to make a buck but the product feels alot more honest than it did say 4-17 years ago when the prices started ballooning in my eyes. The sportster line is a bike that alot of guys want not just what they have to start with. They are paying attention and Scouting the new generation and trying to give them want they want. I am all for that. It seems more honest even though you can go buy a 5 year old one for half and just paint it black and achieve the same bike basically. Hell its kinda funny seeing they can make even the rider and generation cookie cutter. I do have on vans right now but I was wearing them 20 years ago too and flannels have been a mainstay as well. Open face metallic helmets are fun and not trying to portray I'm a tough guy. I hope they keep on this path of marketing and trying to listen to and make bikes more in the tradition that they are now. affordable, less non sense, reliable and simple. I may get crap for saying some of this and I'm sure the other guys here may have their opinions to post as well. I haven't been to any HD events recently but I'm glad they are looking to their future finally and not just relying on the old dying market they have had for too long.

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