Handlebar Recall


Our main goal at Biltwell is to make products that you can trust. It has come to our attention that some Biltwell Keystone and Frisco handlebars have failed at the weld joint. This has occurred on less than 1 percent of all bars sold in these models. We've personally tested these bars on our own bikes, over thousands of miles, often in rough conditions, with zero problems. In the past 18 months three customers experienced failures at the lower welded joint: 2 Friscos and 1 Keystone out of 800+ bars sold. We feel it's our responsibility to alert all customers to this potential problem, and to offer a speedy, fair solution.

Effective immediately, we have ceased production on all welded handlebars until the problem has been resolved. All bars in current inventory will be destroyed. We will release new models when we are confident there will be no more failures.

If you own the following welded Biltwell handlebar(s), please return them to us for a full refund:

• Clubman (1” or 7/8”)

• Frisco (1” or 7/8”)

• Keystone (1” or 7/8”)

We will send every consumer who returns these handlebars the sum of $87—$77 (MSRP + $10 for freight.) This offer will remain in effect for six months until June 15, 2009.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your continued support for the Biltwell brand. Standing behind our products when things go wrong is the best way we know to prove our dedication to the scene and to our customers.

If you are a Biltwell dealer or distributor, please consolidate all applicable inventory and return it to us with a copy of the invoice immediately. We will reimburse you for the full purchase price of all returned handlebars immediately.

Please return all welded Biltwell handlebars to:

Biltwell Inc.
27570 Commerce Center Drive #129
Temecula, CA 92590


Anonymous said...

is it possible to send back the handlebars and get one of your basic color helmets instead of money?

Anonymous said...

so is this an option or no????

Bill said...

Sure, send it back to us with a note that says what color helmet you'd like and what address you'd like it returned to. This would work for gloss black, flat black, metallic silver or gloss white. If you need more info email me at bill@revcreative.net

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, when will it be possible to buy the frisco bars again? Just wondering, I really like them, thanks.

Bill said...

Should be in stock mid-June.

MayhemMike said...

Question about Failed bars (Frisco 1"):
Where they drilled for internal wired
? Would this matter?

Bill said...

No, they we're not. They failed at the weld.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to do a partial trade for gloves then just be reimbursed the remainder of the money?

Anonymous said...

i was wondering i recently mailed the frisco bars back i purchased and if a refund has not yet been mailed i was wondering if i could get a set of the ribbed exhaust tips and the differece in payment?thanks.

Eli Wolf said...

apparently i missed the deadline, ive got some friscos, can i send em in?? trade for some new ones? sure wouldn't want to fly off on the ol freeway

Anonymous said...

Is safe to buy the bars again?