Portrait: AJ Fanshawe

We had the good fortune to cross paths with a dude this weekend who should be an inspiration to everyone on two wheels.

AJ is a guy who came on last year's EDR but was dealt some bad mechanical trouble and ended up spending as much time driving a chase truck as he did riding his Honda. He wasn't about to have his ass whipped by Baja, and came back with a vengeance to prove it.

We ran into him on accident at the LB Swap this past weekend and spent the rest of the day at the GNRS trying to soak up some of the residual positive energy from his trip.

Him, his girl and her teenage daughter split from frosty Canada about six weeks or so ago and headed south. Way south. He rode his bike as much as possible and when it wouldn't go anymore, he loaded it into the truck and fixed it at the next stop. All the way to Puerte Vallarta or so, then across to Baja on a ferry. North from there. When I told him that his girl was the one who deserved a trophy for driving all that way, he said "Oh, she's off shopping for shoes right now!" Dude has shit figured out and I'm stoked I got to spend some time with him.

Long trips on hand-built bikes are the holy grail to me, and AJ's trip is inspiring to say the least. All this on an old Honda he paid $100 for the donor, and built the rest. I hope you don't mind that I poached your photos to show on here AJ.


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