Portait: XS Eric

There's been a lot of marketing mumbo-jumbo bouncing around lately about this supposed "Next Generation" rider demographic that is rising up and taking over as the old dudes die off or get the latest HD Trike.

In my mind when I think of a benchmark dude in his mid-twenties,
XS Eric is it. He's wise beyond his years, while still young and curious enough to always be down for a good time, but solid enough that he can be counted on, and that's cool.

He rides the rattiest old home-built Yamaha on the road, but that ain't fake patina on it. That there's battle scars, son. Eric has ridden with us in Mexico, across the southwest this summer and a few thousand miles all on his lonesome. Just because it's fun. (There's an idea!)

He's not impressed or seduced by the chopper fashion show or cool contests, he just likes to trip out and ride his motorcycle. He walked out on a decent job to go on the EDR with us in 2007 and was officially adopted by the
Trent and George posse. I don't think he's ever been the same, and that's cool too. Now he's worked his way up to a real tattoo gig in Westminster, CA and is digging the steady pay and chance to prove that he's got some work ethic and isn't just some artsy douche nozzle. He's going to bring his kit and do some low buck biker tats at the Bash, so if you need $20 worth of cheap ink, XS will be ready.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday to hang out with us old dudes Eric, here's to you.

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