Old School BMX Reunion

Somehow I got onto the list for this OSBMX Reunion deal at Woodward. (Thanks McGoo & Steve Swope.) I wish McGoo was going but he's not going to be back in time. It'll be wild to see what some of these old rippers have turned into and I bet plenty of them still shred the rad. My biggest motivation is to take my son so he can have a chance to ride in a world-class facility like Woodward. I've only been to the original PA Woodward, but if West is half as good it'll be off the charts. Getting to see a guest list that includes the likes of Bob Haro, Eddie Fiola and the Lord Voelker is just nuts. See you guys tomorrow night, and yes I'm bringing a first aid kit!


Anonymous said...

I use to ride with Fiola in PV 10-12 years ago. He had a bad-ass carbon fiber fully suspended down hill mountain bike. He was doing the stunt work for that Santa Monica Cop on mountain bike show, Truw Blue I think it was called. The dude was just as fast and smooth then as he ever was back in the early 80's

shiftace said...

When I was 13 my parents laid the gauntlet down. Bring my grades up to a C-B avg (from the usual F-D avg) and I'd get a new bike. I had 2 choices either a Hutch Trickstar or the then new for 1988 GT Eddie Fiola World Tour Freestyle bike. Fuck that Hutch the GT was powder blue with white seat,pads, bars and mags, laid back seatpost, Uni seat and an ACS rotor. I opted for the blue Vans brake pads things and was fucking (free)STYLIN....for 2 weeks until someone cut the lock in the bike rack at school and left me walking and cryin'. Caught a beating from pops and went back to skateboards (cheaper) I still love you Eddie Fiola best 2 weeks of my life.

Unknown said...

that should be a good time. a bunch of guys just left from up here in nor cal. i was told there is supposed to be a huge turn out and woodward west is pretty BA to boot