Portrait: Trent Schara

You meet a lot of people in this business. Lots of them all are all hat and no cattle. Not so with Trent. We met Mr. FTR in person for the first time on the 2006 EDR. What you see is what you get. Want someone to cup your balls or hump the latest trend, better look elsewhere. Want someone to build a bike with style that is meant to be ridden hard, this might be your guy. He throws a good gig in ABQ every year - the Ground Zero Throwdown. A visit to the Atomic Compound if you are lucky enough, is worth the trip in itself. Check out his bikes section for a look at what he builds. Like the man himself, they are purposeful and have soul, something this scene desperately needs. Check out his new high-speed web site here: LINK

Semper Fi.
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junky said...

Once again you cat's prove why I'm a customer, no nonsense post about a no nonsense dude making no nonsense bikes.
Now if I could get you to make rear sets for Hinckley Triumphs. :)