Woodward Update

Cumulative age: 240,000 / Shredders of the rad.

So the Old School reunion went well. No shortage of old dudes ripping the place apart, that's for sure. It was cool to watch my kid's eyes grow when some old pro would boost some transfer or take a line that Flynn would have never thought was even possible. I was stoked he got to watch trail riders like Keith Mulligan and Alan Foster ride in person. Living proof that style kills circus tricks any day, and it wasn't lost on the kids. I carved around like a goon on a 24" Haro and only went down hard once. Flynn said I did a sweet table top, just never got the bike back underneath me. That was not on purpose. We got snow on Sunday morning, and just hit the road back home. Thanks to Woodward and Biltwell fan Kris, we'll see you again, hopefully sooner than later.

The Jackal couldn't get enough of the foam pit.

Flynn learning to ride transition in the world's best park, while John Kerr acts as the height bar.

This looked way bigger in person. I think this kid was ten.

Wanna feel like a douche? Watch an 8-year old on a 16" bike pull an acid drop.

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