Mexico Anyone?

Speaking of Baja... Gabe, from Afterhours Choppers, official sponsor and camp cook for the BASH, is putting together a little last-minute ride south on Sunday morning after the BASH winds down. The plan is simple. Ride to San Felipe and hang out for a couple days. Ride back. No chase trucks are provided, no stickers or t-shirts. Just some good riding on some bad roads to a great little sea-side town. We're probably not going to cross over to Ensenada and we'll come back north on Tuesday or Wednesday or maybe Thursday, it all kind of depends on how things go. Contact Gabe if you want details, but there aren't many really. We've got no reservations, nothing done in advance, but there should be no problem finding a hotel or campground to hang out at for a while. Bring some gas, tool kit, proper ID and a bed roll. This is not an EDR and I'm not in charge of anything but I'll gladly help out along the way or at least point you in the right direction. You might want one of these to be more comfortable.

Thanks, Gabe!


Huber said...
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Anonymous said...

i thought the DLMC
(douche larouche)
were going to leave for san felipe on saturday morning??

Bill said...

Maybe they are?

Huber said...

I'm in. See ya in Mexico!