My Bash Thanks!

Just got back from Mexico and wanted to Throw out my Thanks to everyone for helping create such an amazing scene. Having such simple events where you can see sooo many fun bikes that guys pour their heart and soul into and ride the shit out of is nothing short of rad and I thank the hell out of ya for coming to the stuff we throw. A huge thanks to the sponsors that throw down too. None of this would be as great as it is if it wasn't for everyone that takes the time to show up, be a part and ride their bike.


Vinnie Vegas said...

you cats rule. I hope there is a chop meet this year. I would like to be one of your sponsors. I do this thing called hated skates. I could donate boards and shirts. It's kinda underground and ghetto, just the way we like it.

Anonymous said...

Dude's thanks for such a great time to get together with other old iron riders. Me and the Grindmonkey had a hell of a time, Dirty D, P.S. Bill thanks for the smokes, some comin your way. D. the cane guy