New Shirts in Stock

Check the Merch Store for some new future shop rags. A traditional shop-type shirt with pocket logo up front and knuck on the back. Chris asked me what the other one has to do with motorcycles? Nothing. It was my favorite shirt back in high school, ordered from SOF magazine and I wanted a new one, so we made some. Also, check out the Grab Bag deal–Discontinued shirts only $10. You pick the size we pick the design. Can't beat prices like that. Thanks to Rob, Drew and Andy out at American Icon for hooking it up as usual.


JV said...

Even though I ride a Nightster can I buy a shirt? Or, is that gonna get me killed my Biltwell super fans?

Bill said...

No way, you need a pre-1970 bike and we'll have to measure your cuff height and do a tattoo inspection before you are authorized to get a t-shirt. The Suede Denim Secret Police will be over to see if you qualify later...