On the Chronic?

The dudes from Chonic Tacos in Temecula are going to give 10% of to BASH riders all weekend. It's close to the campground and Friday night is fend-for-yourself night for food, so this is a good call. Saturday night Gabe from Afterhours is going to be the camp cook. EDR chase-veteran Maverick is going to be on the other grill, swilling beers, and burning meat. Make sure to tip your cooks!

Speaking of Gabe, he's trying to fund his Mexico trip by selling a few things. This is a strictly no-vending event, so there won't be any display tables or any of that commercial clutter. But, If you'd like to get a smokin' deal on a tail light or risers, hit Gabe up, he'll have a stash he can deal from in his truck. If you want something special you might hit him up via email tonight to make sure he brings it. Maybe a shot glass tailight to use at the Kickstart Tequila Bar?

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