Portrait: Mad Dog Moeller

I was stoked to see we got mentioned in an ESPN interview with our friend Chris Moeller. Right up there with the AC dude and his favorite ear-bud company. Chris is a unique guy that is always a blast to hang out with, whether he's trying to steal the banner off your palapa in the middle of the night to use as a sleeping bag or on the side of the road working on the goddamn trouble head again, it's always an adventure. It would take more than a stupid blog entry to define his character but if I had to sum it up, I'd say no one takes the job of not taking themselves serious more seriously than the Mad Dog. Thanks for the shout out Chris, see you on the next mancation.


BFJOSH said...

the man the myth the jogger

Anonymous said...

" I will fight you!... I WILL fight you!... "

Unknown said...

Love that guy.