Street Chopper Supporting BASH Riders

Jeff and the good folks at Street Chopper/Hot Bike magazines have hooked up a good one for people riding to the BASH. Our behind the scenes statement for sponsors looking to get involved has been "Don't sell anything to the riders, try to give them something". Well, these dudes are giving back in spades by offering up a truck kitted out with full on tools, welding equipment, oils and other good stuff. Just look at the logos on the bottom of the MC First Aid Station graphic, you'll get the idea. If you have a mechanical issue this should be your first stop. Thanks guys!


Rudehog said...

That is bad azz! so is this truck going to be stationed at the campground?

Bill said...

Yep, as far as I know, that is the plan. Probably at Kutty's too, but not 100% on that. Contact Jeff Holt at SC mag for details. See you next week Eric!