The Street Tracker Lives!

It took the three of us—Duane, Alex and me—three nights to do it, but the Street Tracker is 92% ready for the Bash this weekend.

Uncle Bitchin' delivered the tank and fender Monday.

Duane and I built the pipes Tuesday.

Alex wired the generating system Tuesday and the ignition system Wednesday.

With a single kick last night, the Street Tracker project sputtered to life. Not the healthiest gasp for air I've heard from a poorly tuned hand-built deathtrap, but it DID fire in ONE kick.

I'm still baffled as to how.

Tonight I'll adjust the carbs and clutch cable and diddle with the points. If I can't get it to run smoothly, I'll limp it to Lake Skinner in Temecula this Friday and solicit some tune-up help from a couple of the 300 or so dudes we are expecting at our first Bash.

Thanks to everyone for all their help!


Chris said...

these pics don't do it justice you gotta see it!

erikweste said...

Wow. McGoo, it appears to be your best build yet. Fuck'n RAD!!!

BCM said...

Oh Man, I can't wait to check it out & hear it.

shea said...

fuckin sick man, BURN OUT PICS SOON I HOPE

nunyadambusiness said...

good stuff. ride safe this weekend.

Delivererer said...

Fucking Motherfuckers that is awesome!

Anonymous said...


Echt tegek, ziet er goed uit maat!


bubble visor said...

omg supervet!

best bike i've seen this week

Ken said...

Sweet. Those engines are indestructible. Looks like a shitload of fun.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the props, people. 4 Aces Wes and Elsinore Alex tweaked on her a bit this weekend, enough to make her run, but she's a gutless wonder that needs some serious jetting in order to reach full stride. I plan to shop for said jets this week, and to take my little screamer to the LB Swap this Sunday.