Late Night Solo Rides

On my list of fun stuff to do is late night riding once the weather warms up. A Lucero show at the Belly Up in Solana Beach was just the ticket tonight. Singer Ben Nichols was so drunk he forgot the words to several songs and turned the sing-along anthem "War" into a twenty-minute rant/restart that was pretty amusing. He closed with something like "Hey, this was fun!" and crawled/fell off the stage. Note to fans: quit sending the dude shots! It was worth the 100 mile round trip and it's always a treat to blast So Cal freeways at WFO when there's such thin traffic. Hitting reserve about ten miles out woke me up. Thanks to T2 and Chris H. for the excuse to come coasting into the neighborhood at 1:45ish and try to push back to the house in full stealth mode...


Anonymous said...

there is something cool about this biltwell blog... before I got into bikes I figured everyone who did it was a traditional, old biker type... more friends with my dad than with me

coming on here and seeing that there are dudes into bikes and boards and lucero and just cool shit gives me hope

keep it up


Super71 said...

YEP same thing here in Ft .Worth last Sat. kinda a bummer,but only a 30 mile round trip .They still rock,slo wdown on the booze!!

Mark said...

monday will be seven years to the day I first saw Lucero... my 20th birthday in Memphis... great show.