Slow Burn

I miss my old Triumph. It wasn't the best long haul bike, but it sure was fun in traffic and on the lonely twisties. My FXR fits the bill when it's time for big trips, so I have a bike for that mission. The 45 has been a fun long term project, but it's about done and I'm ready for another one. The last few bikes have been mild makeovers, not ground-up projects. The last three bikes have also been just basic black. Time for something more colorful and funky, and I can't deny my inclination towards the symmetry of a well-done Trumpet.

Craigslist turned up a solid '65 donor engine/trans earlier this week, and it's in the back of the van now, just begging to be the heart of a real motorcycle again. I collected a bunch of reference pics tonight, cruising through 120+ pages of the "Best Triumph Customs" on the Journal. I put them into a set on Flickr. 105 pages of righteous British iron and all it's done is confound me. I have a Wassel banana tank that I've been hording for a while, and I was thinking 18" rear, 21" front. After collecting photos, most of my favorite bikes either have stock tanks or are pre-units. Some of the best even have 45 springers (God forbid!). The only thing I'm sure of is the color, it's got to be HOK Lime Gold. Onward, into the breach!

Favorite Reference Bikes...


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BCM said...

the sickness strikes again.