Bar Update

OK, the bar recall has come and gone and we don't have the new ones in but we will sometime around the end of June/early July.

They will be released in three phases;
1. Keystones, Clubmans and Friscos with no dimples first.
2. Then Keystones, Clubmans and Friscos with dimples for stock controls.
3. Finally, sometime in August we should have 3-4 new designs in both dimpled and no-dimpled.

This next generation of Frisco bars has been lowered by about 2" to reduce leverage on the lower welds. Also, all material thickness has been increased to .120" wall and all of the bars are stilll made out of 4130 chromoly tubing. That is some strong shit there.

We've sent checks out to everyone who sent in their bars except these dudes, whom we need return addresses for. If you know them, tell 'em to get in touch with us for an address to send the check to.

Tom Comer
Jeremy Morgan
Mike Scheers

We'll sit on your refunds to see if you guys surface with the required info and if you don't, we'll spend it on beer and barbed-wire tattoos.

Thanks to everyone for their patience during this thing, we're almost through it and we think you'll be stoked on all the new stuff once it's in stock and shipping.

Bill, Chris & McGoo


Cay Broendum said...

Hey Bill and freinds. Great Blog - cool stuff. Got one of your flake helmets, etc. good stuff to. A question "hope you will answer" you have a lot of cool stickers! where are you having them printed? You see we live in Copenhagen Denmark, and thats a borring place when you want to make cool stickers. Matt (Dice) gave me a link to some UK. printer. Is that the same you use??? By the way, liked one of your stickers so much that i painted something simalare on "board track speedster". Total rip off ;-)hope you like it anyway! check link http://caybroendumsparetime.blogspot.com/2009/05/board-track-speedster.html. All the best from copenhagen. Cay - I´ll put up a link to on my blog.

Motorradfahrer said...

Great news guys! I look forward to seeing the new bar designs and purchasing some keystones.

Bill said...

Cay, Cool headtube painting. I have the biltwell sticker that inspired that on the head tube of my old rusty beach cruiser. Good taste.

We get stickers printed by the kilo in Asia when we can and for shorter runs we use a place here in USA calle www.jaxprints.com they are great for quick turn-around, low volume stuff.

Thanks, Moto- we're looking forward to getting these things in too!

Cay Broendum said...

Hey Bill - Thanks for the help and fast reply. Exelent with Jaxprints, good taste, and Beach cruiser´s. All teh best. Cay_Cph

mike scheers said...

hey bill sorry thought i put adress on box with bars oh well brain fart it happens,any way return adress is as follows;1291 barney jenkins road,felton,delaware 19943.thanks again for the honesty about the product and takin care of the problem not found alot these days in business keep up the good work and great products.

Bill said...

Hey Mike, cool, thanks for the address, your check is on the way!

mike scheers said...

hey n=man thanks now i can get some of those rad exhaust tips...

Bill said...

Ha! Just recycling the same money 'round and 'round...

mike scheers said...

hey goin to a good cause my shovel and your company!!!!