Commute 2.0

OK, a little more fun this morning, but the video is still crappy looking.
Figured I'd add a little soundtrack to make it less lame (sorry Richie!).



BFJosh said...

I dont mean to alarm you but it appears your being followed by a UFO in the top left hand corner!

STANDARD said...

LOVE IT....!!!!

Nathan said...

awesome vid that black spot was creeping me out.

luke said...


Anonymous said...

sweet lane split at 1:09

erikweste said...

Killer vid. Definitely cool watching as a sub 2min clip.

erikweste said...

By the way... who is that skinny dude that gets off your bike and opens the door?

Richie said...

I just turned the volume down and pretended Clifford Brown was playing.
Or Brubeck.
Or Motorhead.
My tastes tend to vary....ever so slightly.