The Harem

Not the Harem, but still super cool.

I'm looking for any info on an early 70's Ford van called the "Harem". It was built by a dude we called Jonsey who lived across the street from my friend Matt on 182nd in Torrance. Six wheeled wonder with a vinyl chop, big hooka inside, etc. Rumor has it that his wife gave it to the Smithsonian after his death to represent "70's Van Culture". I've done some googling and tried searching the museum's archives but no luck.


Anonymous said...


Hope this helps out.

Bill said...

That's the one! Just goes to show how stories grow. From a Reno Casino to the Smithsonian. Well, at least it was a museum. I last saw it in the late 80's. Thanks for the link.

Dennis Johnson said...

Dude, I remember that thing. Grew up around the corner from there. I hung out with his nephew (?) Mike.