Crazy Week!

Couldn't get enough of the Salton Sea weirdness so I took my kid and his
buddy down there to ride a pool for the first time. Goons have fun too!

Sorry for personally lagging on the blog the past two weeks. Between friends in from out of town, traveling of our own, a big shipment of new parts landing and needing to get shipped out, and a few days of R&R thrown in there to mess things up, it's been nutty around here. Of course at the peak of this, I'm heading to Baja today for the holiday weekend. How else to enjoy one's American freedom other than shooting bad ass fireworks with the kids in Mexico where you can still get away with it?

More of these are coming, promise!

Good news is we have a bunch of Gen2 bars in stock, shipping to your favorite retailer now. We're already out of Polished Stainless Slimline risers, but there is more coming before the end of the month. These things are bangin', no excuses, good solid shit! The new bars are heavy duty as hell and are built to last, so if you've been waiting on Friscos, Keystones or Clubmans, they are finally here in .120" wall seamless 4130 Chromoly. Fun stuff like the Alcohol-Powered Ignition Covers are a five minute mod that's hard to beat. The new investment-cast Stainless Seat Hinges are world class, and bolt up to the old bung if you want to upgrade. Personally this is my favorite Biltwell part to date.

The last one you'll need. Seriously.

Have a good 4th of July everyone and we'll be back in full force next week.


jenks said...

Those kids must have been STOKED! Good call, dad. Nice shot too.

Art in 122 said...

new slimlines are just like you said ... SOLID. thanks!