House Hunting in Baja

Pre Running Camp4Lo Baja Experience with Ron Brant from Biltwell Inc. on Vimeo.

So, while I have plenty of motorcycle work to be done, I said screw-it and went to Mexico for a couple days over the past weekend. Probably should blog more, or figure out Twitter, organize the warehouse, blah, blah, but I can't help but let real life take priority over that stuff.

Two old friends were heading down and I couldn't pass up the chance. My old high school buddy and EDR chase driver and Biltwell Bash BBQ-er, Matt is talking about starting a 4x4 tour down in Baja. Our old mentor and unstoppable hero, Ron Brant is making noises about cashing out and retiring down south of the border and hasn't really seen our favorite stomping grounds except through the cage of his race car at a blistering pace. Matt talked Ron into dragging his old preunner down there and mapping out a course that would entertain any Jeep guy. I'm a motorhead who is into anything fast and handbuilt, and have a bad Mexico habit so I had to pass on a great NorCal ride with other friends to go on this trip. Bailing on a long motorcycle ride isn't something I take lightly, but we're getting close to the Gypsy Run time, so I'll get some good miles in the saddle soon. Anyway, we mapped out Matt's route with a GPS and had an awesome time exploring around in Ron's practice car. We even found a place that suits his needs just up the hill from my little shack. What's this got to do with choppers? Not much really except next time we ride down there we may just have an ally with a good welder and a fridge full of cold beer, so you could call it an investment in the future...


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AfterHours said...

Nice...real nice! We've had this talk and I'm in! A nice chopper & buggy gringo settlement on the beach in old Mexico...YES!