Philly Roll

Oh snap! I thought I had a shitty day today.
This is what Mark in Philly woke up to this morning.
I guess the sticker didn't scare 'em off.


BoBo Jufat said...

FK! plastic milk crates... come on. What ever happened to good old fashioned cinder blocks. These damn kids today. This is the dumbing down of America. Damn them to hell.

philly mark said...

seriously... these dudes show no couth. I was just telling a girl who came to look at my apartment how I park on this street all of the time and how it's fine- oh shit look at my car.

virid said...

That. Totally. Sucks.

Tyler said...

shit I guess I do live in the sticks.. I thought this type of thing only happened in cartoons

Hobbs said...

Its funny, lately I have been hearing about how much cash Honda Fit wheels are bringing in on the streets.

This is how bad society is these days. Why wouldn't you jack a set of 26's to hock,"Nah, we'll just grab these 13's and call it a day"

Mark, I feel your pain. Similar stuff has happened to me like five times. I figured one day I will catch them red handed and they will wish they never did it.