Brew Dude's Latest Creation

Steve "Brew Dude" Garn NEVER takes the easy way when he builds a custom bike, so it is particularly flattering to see our Solo Seat and welded seat hinge on his latest show-winning machine. Golden Deliverance is an H-D side-valve-powered motocross machine, which when you know Brew's roots and affinities—he's an old BMX salt and a hardcore dirt bike rider to the core—doesn't seem like such a crazy thing. I personally love the bikes Brew concocts in his North Carolina fab shop, because they always feature some kooky motocross part or inspiration from the sport's golden age. Thanks again for the love, Brew. Contact us directly when you need more parts. This old BMXer has designed a couple new Biltwell handlebars I think you'll dig (check out the Trackers and the Low Drags.)

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