Gone To Bonneville

Well its that time of year again and I'll be going to pit for Wes and Chuck at Speed Week. 4 years running and we are all addicted. Joel came out last year for a couple days and I think he is going to be crew this year and pit for them as well with me. If you are out that way or on the fence about coming just do it and stop by the pits to say hi and hang out. Joe (Scraper) from Philly said he would be stopping in as well. Support Four Aces efforts here and buy a shirt!

More info about Bonneville and SCTA.


Ricki Bedenbaugh said...

Damn man I'm jealous, it seems like it was just yesterday that we were out there. Have a good trip guys I wanna see a ton of updates from out there.
Keep on pushin.

Scraper said...

sorry i missed you dude! hung with the four aces crew friday night & saturday. had a blast! see you in 18 days.