A Call to Arms

Boozefighter Josh and I share the comm on the Biltwell Myspace page, but to be honest, ever since ChopCult launched we've been derelict in those duties. If you've been poking us for a few weeks without a reply, I apologize.

That's the bad news... the good news is, I caught up with incoming messages on MS this morning, and I updated some product photos. Nothing major, and nothing you haven't already seen on our website, but a little spring cleaning in the early fall never hurts.

If you visit the Biltwell Myspace page, I've written a plea for your support. Specifically, I've asked everyone on MS to invite their friends to ChopCult. As CC grows, things between Myspace and I are only going to get worse. Myspace has always been crassly commercial, and the band flyers and energy drink friend requests are driving me bananas.

Thanks for all your support!

-- McGoo


Richie said...

I absolutely stink at social network type sites.
Spacebook, Myface, Facetube, whatever they are....I never quite got the hang of them.re

Harold McGruther said...

I don't think Rob was referring to the social network site when he said that. I think what he was saying was simply. "Fuck MY space..."

Creepy and intriguing at the same time. What's your jargon, RR?