A Call to Arms

Boozefighter Josh and I share the comm on the Biltwell Myspace page, but to be honest, ever since ChopCult launched we've been derelict in those duties. If you've been poking us for a few weeks without a reply, I apologize.

That's the bad news... the good news is, I caught up with incoming messages on MS this morning, and I updated some product photos. Nothing major, and nothing you haven't already seen on our website, but a little spring cleaning in the early fall never hurts.

If you visit the Biltwell Myspace page, I've written a plea for your support. Specifically, I've asked everyone on MS to invite their friends to ChopCult. As CC grows, things between Myspace and I are only going to get worse. Myspace has always been crassly commercial, and the band flyers and energy drink friend requests are driving me bananas.

Thanks for all your support!

-- McGoo


Richie said...

I absolutely stink at social network type sites.
Spacebook, Myface, Facetube, whatever they are....I never quite got the hang of them.re

vinnie said...

rouser rob said it best FUCK MY SPACE

Harold McGruther said...

I don't think Rob was referring to the social network site when he said that. I think what he was saying was simply. "Fuck MY space..."

Creepy and intriguing at the same time. What's your jargon, RR?