Give what you can

Bryan Berky was a Biltwell customer and active member over on ChopCult. He was killed in action Saturday in Afghanistan. We've set up a paypal account to receive donations until the end of the month, at which time we will forward 100% of the money to his family.
You can paypal to harold@revcreative.net

There is also an auction thread going where we are donating some parts to be sold off to the highest bidder, and the proceeds will go to the Berky family.
This tank is the first item, with more to come every three days until the end of the month.
You can participate in that here: LINK


Aaron said...

Bryan was a prominent member on XLForum, and the word is out there as well.


May God keep you, Bryan.

Anonymous said...

I tried to send money for Bryan's family to harold@revcreative.net but PayPal says its not a valid address. Can you check on this and let us know what will work?

Bill said...

Snowman, I had the same problem when I tested it this morning. I was trying to copy and paste the email address in and paypal wasn't accepting it. When I actually typed it in it worked fine. We've got some other donations so I think it's working if you try this way. Let me know.

Xena said...

Thank you guys for taking up this collection. It's a very nice thing you're doing for his family. Paypal'd what I could.

Xena from the XL forum

Anonymous said...

As Xena said... thank you for setting this fund up for Bryan. I just sent my donation.

Teehaml on the XL Forum