Mullins Pedal up for Auction

We are continuing to auction off a few random chopper bits until the end of the month to try and generate some dough to send to Bryan Berky's family. The support has been great and we appreciate how much everyone has already given. So far, on top of straight-up donations we've sold off a couple cool old hand-painted gas tanks that would make nice garage art or look even better going down the road. Now, our good friend Walt out at Kickstart Cycle is donating a Mullin's Chaindrive kicker pedal. You know these things are super-dope, aren't cheap or real easy to find, but Walter's got one in hand and ready to ship to the high bidder.

Auction ends at noon on Friday the 25th.


Cay Brøndum said...

Do we bid here om the Post or?


Bill said...


Do it on the post please, that way everyone sees what the total is and who the last bid goes to. Paypal will be to harold@revcreative.net


Bill said...

This is the link to the auction thread: