NYC Riding Video

Riding the GW in NYC from Biltwell Inc. on Vimeo.

The day before the Gypsy Run started we rode over the GW bridge from Jersey into Manhattan and screwed off all day. Josh's wife Rebecca got a chance to get out of the chase truck for the day and since my bike is the most suited for two-up duty, she hopped on the fender. Here's a couple minutes of footage from the go-pro. Sorry, no sound track or fun stuff, just straight off the camera.




gorgo said...

intense vid with all the traffic up your ass, kinda cool with no loud music,
felt a sense of relief once you were off the bridge,
damn the drama!

Dan Born said...

is that a new mega-flake helmet? looks great.

Richie said...

The sound track is perfect!
Thanks again for posting a video with "Ambient noise".
This is great!.
Good job!

Hermit said...

Grew up in NY loved the vid brought back memories. Thanks

Anonymous said...

the sound of the engines are enough music for me

Freddy said...

WOW nice video!

By the way, can you tell me your gloves' brand?

Anonymous said...

Gloves are some generic deerskins from ace hardware.