Pint-sized Hot Rod

So, last year me and the kid went through an old mini bike and did the fun stuff; fabbed up a sissy bar, welded on some Friscos, installed new bearings, made forward controls for the crappy scrub brake, etc. The old 2.5hp engine was tired and the manifold/carb was cracked so I finally got off my butt yesterday and helped him buy a new 6.5hp unit from Harbor Fright and a new clutch off eBay. Of course it was too big to fit, so tonight we removed the gas tank, shortened the air cleaner assembly and built a straight exhaust so it would fit. (Anyone know if a straight pipe will work?) We'll be on the hunt for a new gas tank at LBC this weekend, but so far it's working out OK, even with some emissions (welcome to CA!) stuff plugged up and removed it started and ran OK. Tomorrow, it's all about figuring out a throttle assembly and waiting for that clutch/primary chain to show up. The old engine is going to be torn down with the required class on internal combustion, and maybe rebuilt for some other project down the road, but for now I just wanna see if thing will do some poppa-wheelies without tearing out the jackshaft. Next year, a Triumph. Who said kids are no fun?!


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Joe said...

W/o the expansion chamber you won't get that instantaneous two stroke boost.