Baja Bound

When we were in NY for the Gypsy Run in August we met producer Chris Grosso from VBS.TV. Big thanks to Vander for the introduction. VBS is responsible for the recent Cycle Zombies and Max Schaaf edits that have been ruffling feathers all over the chopper-info-highway. Seems these guys dig the way motorcycling and skateboarding culture share some commonalities.

Well, Chris and his team wanted to take a select group of skaters down to Baja. Way down. They happened to be looking for someone with some Baja experience to help plan the trip, ride along, etc. I just happen to know a guy who loves riding motos in Mexico.

Taking ten days off work isn't exactly easy right now, but hey, it IS motorcycle related, right? I'm going to call it "product testing" and hit the road with a clear conscience. We're leaving bright and early Wed morning and heading south, eventually getting all the way to El Pescadero where there is a public park worth riding almost a thousand miles to get to. Thanks to Chris and Patrick for having me along, I'm honored and very much looking forward it! I can't wait to see these guys rip in person and of course get some knees in the breeze.

Here's the skaters who are going, and yep, they're riding motorcycles. Heath Kirchart, Arto Saari, Keegan Sauder and Patrick O'Dell.

Pics poached from northwestskater.com I'll do my best to post some updates from the road.


B Harlow said...

I stumbled upon that park about 6 years ago when it was abandoned and being skated by local kids on thrashed decks and barefeet. Left all the gear with the kids, they were so stoked. tell Jimey the boys from Chicago said Hey.

Anonymous said...

more pics from the trip here: