Donde es el loco hombre?

Billdozer pulled out of San Diego with skate punks in tow this week. You can track their progress all the way down Baja here. To ready Bill's diary on the adventure, check out his thread on ChopCult.com. Via con Dios, Amigos!


Anonymous said...

Your Spanish needs some work. You should use estar for locations, not ser. When mentioning a group, make sure to pluralize it, too. Descriptive adjectives go at the end of a noun, limiting ones go before. Your title should read: Donde estan los hombres locos?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Donde estan los uptight dick hole?

Is that correct spanglish?

Anonymous said...

Uno mas cervesas? Por favor?

Anonymous said...

Ah, the cretins have been roused! How lucky we all are to hear from the technologically creative (note the use of carets and all uppercase) as they post their monosyllabic slang. There are also some who can only frame their insults in reference to a penis; apparently it is always on their mind.

Here's an idea: stop wasting your money on Cheetos, Natural Light, and the embarassingly bad Cycle Source and invest in something like the Rosetta Stone. I'd recommend English first. Better to master your native tongue.

Maybe one day you'll rise above your eighth grade mentality and realize just how ridiculous you are for dismissing people with critical thinking skills and advanced cognitive development.

But by that time, people like me will be in positions of power and people like you will be sterilized and euthanized for the greater good.