Good News Campers!

Well, no worries about bringing food to the Riot. Onsite Catering, a local, professional outfit has agreed to set up a big tent and drop a refer trailer out at the Range. Full meals, snacks, waters, sodas, tea, etc. The plan is for them to start serving Saturday about 1:00 in the afternoon and shut down about 9:00 or 10:00 that night. Prices are reasonable, figure on about ten bucks for a full-on meal or a couple bucks less for things like chili fries or other snack-sized stuff. Look for burgers and tacos early in the day and bbq short ribs or tri tip. Breakfast burritos and coffee the next morning is going to be a welcome treat! This is a pretty big deal because there isn't much to choose from in Niland, plus it'll be nice to get your drink on without worrying about riding anywhere.

We'll have five kegs courtesy of our friends at Ballast Point. If you like cheap beer, you'll have to bring it yourself, this stuff is the premium, locally-brewed, good stuff.


wickedblockhead said...

I spent a few years as a boy in Barstow. My grandparents lived in Niland. I loved that area. Has it changed much in 20 years? Wish I lived closer, I'd go.

Rob said...

did someone say refer?

Rudehog said...

I must say Bill,you and McGoo are seasoned professional hosts.
Warning to all...you better bring your drinkin shoes cuz the Vegas crew has a degree in keg dusting!

Harold McGruther said...

Thanks for the props, Eric. Do us a favor: get on your social network jungle drums and rustle up some bro's and ho's to join the fun. I'm counting on FULL PULL from the Vegas Crew. See you in a month!

Bill said...

Wicked, I can't say for sure, but I doubt much has changed by the looks of things! It'll be nice riding this time of year but I'd hate to live there in the summer.